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Awesome features

Featuring integrated charging using Apple Watch’s inductive charger, Bandstand will be the nightly home for your new favorite wearable. Bandstand’s charging base also has room to charge your other devices, including iPad and iPhone.

  • Easiest Charging

    Drop on to charge. Pull off to go. It’s that simple.

  • Compatible with all band styles

    No matter what your style, Bandstand works.

  • Nightstand Mode Compatible

    Holds Watch horizontally to use watchOS 2’s Nightstand mode.

  • Charge all your devices

    Charge your Watch along with your phone, tablet, or whatever.

Stunning design

Bandstand is an Apple Watch stand designed from the ground up to make the experience of using and charging Apple Watch better. The inductive charger stays in the stand, so charging is as simple as taking off the watch and dropping it onto the stand.

Follow along

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